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Arbor Spirit Tree Care’s utility line clearance programs are designed and carefully monitored to obtain the right results, with minimum risk to the environment. This approach adds value and allows utility customers to operate more cost effectively.

Arbor Spirit Tree Care’s line clearance services include: properly trimming trees the correct distances from utility distribution and transmission lines, tree consulting services and custom chemical applications. Arbor Spirit Tree Care experts provide the maintenance of right-of-way corridors by manual, machine and/or chemical management methods. Additionally, we have 24 emergency services to dispatch professionally trained crews throughout The Bay Area to handle line clearance.

Preventative Maintenance Program

As a commercial facility manager, you know that you can save money with a preventative maintenance program for your building, furniture, fixtures and equipment. But have you considered the positive impact of investing in a preventative maintenance program for your living outdoor assets? Your trees and shrubs are valuable, adding both beauty and value to your property. Curb appeal is just as important to attract business customers as it is for a home. To live long and healthy lives, trees need proper care.

We offer these services for commercial properties:

Tree Pruning and Trimming

We help you maintain the health and natural shape of your trees by using proper pruning and trimming techniques. A regular trimming program extends the life of your trees.

Tree Moving and Transplanting

As your facilities grow to accommodate more employees and customers, you may find it necessary to move and transplant a healthy tree that is too close to new construction. One of the major difficulties involved in a tree relocation project is ensuring that enough of the “root ball” is being extricated in the extraction process. Many factors must be considered before moving a tree such as the size of the root ball, trunk width, and the relative health of the tree. Our staff can assist you with every aspect from evaluating the tree needing to be moved to moving and transplanting into a new location on your property.

Spraying and Feeding

Our feeding method ensures that the natural ingredients we use protect our environment while enhancing the natural ability and state of your trees to withstand the stresses they encounter. Hence, we do not use pesticides or any unnatural substance.

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