Same Day and 24 Hour Emergency Service

Tree Pruning Service in Honolulu, HI, and Surrounding Areas

Our Maintenance Services Include:

We understand that emergencies happen. Sometimes Mother Nature is involved. Other times it’s simply a hazard or disease that can cause major property damage. We work 7 days a week to make sure you get the response you need for any problem/emergency that arises.

Free Consulting – Certified Arborists

With more than 37 years of hands-on experience and over 250 years of family experience we offer the best in customer satisfaction and expert Pruning services. We have a professional team of ISA Certified Arborist(s) on staff giving you the best service available anywhere, all work is fully guaranteed.

Tree Moving/Transplanting

There are situations when it is desirable to relocate a tree. You may have construction nearby, and you would rather not destroy a stately tree. Maybe a particular tree is ill-equipped to survive in its current location.

In order to understand plant relocation, it is important to understand the basic physiology of a tree. One of the major difficulties involved in a tree relocation project is ensuring that enough of the “root ball” is being extricated in the extraction process. Many factors must be considered before moving a tree such as the size of the root ball, trunk width, and the relative health of the tree.

Plant Removal

Plant Life preservation is important to us, but we realize there are times when removal is necessary. If you need a plant removal, our team of Professional Grounds men crew(s) will remove the plant safely working together in coordination to remove without damage to your home or landscaping. We offer precision stump grinding. We haul away all debris, leaving your property even cleaner than when we arrived.

Pruning and Weight Reduction

Want more light so your lawn can grow? Your low profile trees and plants need to be properly maintained. Our goal is to help obtain the best in health and beauty but Safety is our due diligence. One of the many things we look for and focus on most are hedges/plants with heavy brush or limbs growing over your home which may need to be properly pruned for safety and protection. Maybe you just need your trees cleaned-up thinning, shaping and deadwood removal are our specialties, hazardous and crossover branches must be removed to keep your trees growing strong and healthy.

Spraying and Feeding

Trees, Hedges, shrubs and Plants naturally have the ability to fend for themselves. However, in today’s world there are many unnatural health issues affecting the health of our trees. You might ask the question, what do you mean a tree can fend for itself? We humans have a natural ability to fight off diseases through our immune system. This is quite similar for trees. Trees put off a natural odor that fights off funguses, diseases, parasites and insect infestations. One of our founding fathers used the natural method of feeding and spraying trees many years ago. We are proud to say that that method remains. Our feeding method ensures that the natural ingredients we use protect our environment while enhancing the natural ability and state of your trees to fight for themselves. Hence, we do not use pesticides or any unnatural substance.

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