Whether a tree is dead, dangerous, or simply in your way, tree removal can eliminate the problem from your property. When you need tree removal services for your property in Oahu, HI, and surrounding areas, contact the experts at Arbor Spirit Tree Care.

Experts You Can Trust

Founded in 1977, Arbor Spirit Tree Care is a local family business that boasts more than 200 years of combined experience with tree care. We come highly recommended by not only our clients but also by the University of Hawaii. We take pride in this fact along with all of the work that we do for our clients. We bring professionalism and skill to every job we complete.

In addition to being completely certified and fully insured, we also boast the most up-to-date equipment that an arborist or tree trimmer needs to get the job done properly every time and leave our clients satisfied. This extends beyond our tree removal services to our other services, such as pruning, trimming, shaping, fertilizing, and feeding.

If you aren’t sure whether a tree is dead or dying, we can perform an evaluation and give a diagnosis so that you can move forward with an informed decision on whether or not to remove the tree.

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