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Tree Health & Safety in Honolulu, HI

Tree Health Risk Assessment

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Our certified arborist in Oahu can provide you with a tree health and tree risk assessment, helping you spot potential weaknesses before they become major problems and major expense.

Tree Lightning Protection

Large, mature trees supply incredible benefits–providing shade, sun and wind protection and adding beauty to our homes. While coastal California doesn’t get as many lightning storms as other parts of the country, a lightning strike here can still destroy a beautiful tree. If the tree is close to your home (within 10 feet), the lightning can “jump” to something conductive, like metal gutters, on the house. You can help protect tall trees and your home from lightning damage through the installation of a lightning protection system. We are fully trained to provide the proper equipment, install the protection system and maintain it properly for you.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing is the installation of steel cables and braces to reduce stress damage from high winds, end weight and or heavy foliage. The cable and braces support weak branches to prevent them from breaking which can damage the health of the tree and be a safety hazard for people.

Insect & Tree Disease Management

Left unchecked, insects and diseases can quickly ruin your trees and shrubs and turn your once beautiful landscape into an eyesore. Our staff are trained to correctly identify which pest or disease is affecting the health of your trees or shrubs and treat them appropriately to help them return to health.

Soil Care

Healthy tree roots lead to healthy trees and healthy roots start with proper root protection. Many of the tree problems our staff see begin below ground—new trees planted too deeply or too shallowly, young or old trees not receiving enough nutrition, soil that is compacted or girdling roots that choke off nutrients to parts of the tree. Arbor Spirit Tree Care can help you identify soil problems and help you resolve them so that trees and shrubs regain health.

Soil Foods

The health and beauty of your trees are dependent on more than just pruning. We would like to bring your attention to an exciting new service that we are now offering. Our new soil care program has a biological component that is a completely organic, environmentally friendly approach to promoting the health of your trees.

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